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Minimalist Mama

Minimalist Mama - My Eco Tot

I’d like to think of myself as a minimalist mom. Am I a total minimalist that has like three shirts and one pair of shoes? No! Am I opposed to getting to be that way? Absolutely not, I day dream about it quite often.


I haven’t always had a minimalist attitude, especially growing up. I was on the consumerism train and always wanted the new, best thing. Over the years my interests, beliefs and ideas on the world have all evolved and so has my need to collect and buy.

Before I got pregnant I had definitely already started the journey of being more aware to waste and  consumption but once I gave birth it became so much more evident in my life. A few things I can think of that really made me want to slim down and really purchase only what I truly needed.. the first being the amount of “necessary” baby items on the market and the other being the amount of trash that we were throwing away on a daily basis.

I had never really stopped to think about the amount of waste and trash I was contributing to. I never stopped to think about where all this “stuff” goes and what happens to it after I leave it on my curb. It wasn’t my problem any longer. That all changed when I had my son. I want more than anything for him to have the opportunity to live on a planet that is thriving and if I am serious about that desire, I knew I had to get serious about my part in preserving this sweet earth. So, my friends, that’s exactly what I vowed to do and in that moment was birthed this minimalist momma.




I look forward to sharing with you all of the ways I work hard to do my best to protect and love the planet. Also, the ways I am teaching my baby the same lessons, from day one. I am looking forward to sharing with you my minimalist momma essentials list of goodies and sharing with you how to have kids without spending a whole bunch of money, because it is indeed possible.

Thanks for reading! Be sure to follow along for more!



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