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Pre-Parenthood - Circa 2016

Pre-Parenthood - Circa 2016 - My Eco Tot

“In the end we only regret the chances we didn’t take.”

Eight years ago, shortly after graduating high school, my boyfriend (now husband) headed to Guadalajara, Mexico to tryout for a professional soccer team. We had not been dating long but had built a really solid friendship before he left. He originally left on vacation and later learned he would have the opportunity to tryout for a the local team. When he found out he made the team he called me to let me know he would be staying in Mexico a lot longer than expected. Fast forward eight years and we are now in Guadalajara expecting our first child together! Oh the joys of the Universe!


In August of 2015, Ricardo and I made the decision to pack whatever belongings would fit into our Toyota Corolla, sell everything else and had down to Mexico! In 2013 we made the decision to become business owners and in 2015 our business turned international. Fortunately, we have had the opportunity to work full time from home since May of 2015 and because of our entrepreneurial lifestyle we are free to move around the globe. I am so happy we chose to move to Guadalajara and see us staying here for a while! I love that Mexico is so accessible to South America! So many places to see and explore! Now to get it all in before I can’t fly anymore!



We are both adventure seekers and constantly like to be on the go! Last minute vacations are our thing and going with the flow is our middle name. Whether it be the beach or the mountains adventuring is in our souls. I look forward to sharing our adventures as a growing family especially once baby is here with us! Travel doesn’t have to stop because you have kids! Hope you enjoy the ride!




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